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This report summarizes corn yield response to fertilizer nitrogen (N) rate in field-scale trials conducted around the state of Indiana since 2006. These results are applicable to N management programs that use efficient methods and timings of N fertilizer application.

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Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizer prices have increased dramatically in recent months. If you cannot afford all the fertilizer P and K you think you need or there is not enough fertilizer to be had, you might want to prioritize their use on your farm. The key to prioritizing P and K use is to have recent soil test information for your fields. Top Priority: If soil test levels are below the critical level (Figure 1, Table 1) then crop yield response to added P and/or K might occur. These low testing fields or areas in a field should be given the highest priority for fertilization. The further the soil test is below the critical level the more likely yield will increase with application of that nutrient and that yield increase will likely be larger. The fertilizer application rates recommended for soil tests below the critical level are designed[Read More…]