CCH/CEU Information
  • General Instructions
  • A CCH/CEU guide will be provided at the conference registration window.  This guide will include information on all states’ requirements to receive credits.  Keep in mind that different states have different rules and may require you attend the entire conference, specific talks or sessions, or complete separate paper forms.  There is also information pertaining to state’s requirements on the interactive map which will be updated as states approve the conference for credit beginning late October.  The map will be updated early each week with the latest approvals.  In preparation for the conference, it is suggested that you review your state(s)’s requirements as it may affect your schedule while you are in attendance at Purdue.

  • Completion Certificates
  • A completion certificate can be printed for conference attendees who request one during or after the conference.  We will confirm your registration and attendance with our conference department before providing a certificate. If you would like a completion certificate please complete the form below.

  • Office of the Indiana State Chemist
  • Visit the Office of the Indiana State Chemist if you have questions about your license or other accredited workshops in the area.

    If you are from outside the state of Indiana and want to view the applicator categories as defined by the OISC, see the list here.



  • Register by phone at 1-866-515-0023

  • General Registration Form
    send via USPS to
    Purdue Conferences
    Stewart Center, Room 116
    128 Memorial Mall
    West Lafayette, IN 47907
  • Checking in at the registration desk
  • When you arrive at Purdue, please park in the Grant Street Parking Garage (PGG on the map) and enter the Purdue Memorial Union which is just across from the parking garage on Grant Street.  Signs will direct you from the parking garage to the registration window in Stewart Center.

  • Purchase a pre-printed copy of the conference manual
  • There will be an option to order a printed copy during registration. Pre-ordered manuals will be available at the registration window.

  • Bar code scanning/CCH forms
  • Attendance will be tracked using bar code scanning. Procedures will be provided to you with your registration materials. There will also be a paper form used and will be required for every applicator seeking credits.






Dining on Campus and surrounding area
    Dining options on campus will be limited this year. Please make arrangements for dining off campus. We encourage you to visit some of the establishments on Chauncey Hill, the Levee area and Downtown Lafayette.
  • Dining close to campus


Maps of Campus


Parking Maps


Maps of STEW & PMU