Insect Educational Outreach
Screen of a zoom call during an insect program

For Fall 2022, we have paused the virtual version of our bug zoo tours.

School Subjects: Biology, Careers, Scientific Inquiry, Agriculture, Ecology
Grade Level: 3rd Grade – 12th grade

Time Required:
Pre-program ActivityOne 15 minute class block. Students generate questions which are sent to Purdue Entomology before the video program.

Live Program: 30- 45 minutes, depending on age group and topics

Live Program:

  • The entomologist will review with students some basic background about Arthropods; usually in a Know/Want to Know format. (This can also be done as a pre-program activity.)
  • The teacher can read student questions, or we are happy to answer questions directly from students.
  • The entomologist will answer each question using visual aids and props, including our live insect zoo collection!

Standards addressed: Focus area for each program is set by the teacher; we can work with what subjects are currently under study, and what subjects students focus their questions on.

Video Platforms: We’ve done programs on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, WebEx, and Google Meet and Google Hangouts. You name it, we can probably connect!