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Harvest is already underway in the Midwest with 22% of corn and 30% of soybean already harvested in Indiana by October 4 according to USDA-NASS crop progress report (USDA, 2020). It appears that the yields this year would be fairly good and farmers would be bringing in a good crop. This article focuses on securing the crop by ensuring that grain is harvested timely, dried adequately and binned correctly.     Harvest grain timely and dry adequately for safe storage First of all, it is important to know what moisture content you need to be storing your grain at based on your short and long-term marketing plans. How long you intend to store your grain will determine the level of moisture content to dry your grain to. Table 1 provides a guideline on recommended maximum moisture contents at storage periods from up to 6 months to over one year for[Read More…]

This webinar brings a group of six experts in grain post-harvest from industry, the North Central and South regions of US land-grant universities to directly address questions and discuss solutions that may arise related to grain handling and storage on-farm or at the elevator.