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Know The Facts: Bed Bugs

Monitoring for Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations must be correctly identified as quickly as possible in order to manage them. Identifying where they are located will help focus control efforts and resources to those areas most in need. Residents, owners and managers must also understand that inspection of adjacent units is standard and necessary to protect against continued bed bug outbreaks. Thorough inspection and monitoring is as important as education and control programs.

Listed below are Bed Bug Checklist PDFs available for download. pdf icon
These are provided by Safer Pest Control Project and are very helpful in organizing a systematic defense against these pests.

Bed Bug Checklist

  • Campus Checklist (pdf)
  • Dorm Checklist (pdf)
  • Landlord Checklist (pdf)
  • Landlord Checklist Spanish (pdf)
  • Tenant Checklist (pdf)
  • Tenant Checklist Spanish (pdf)
  • Tenant Checklist Chinese (pdf)
  • Hotel Checklist (pdf)

Reporting Forms and Letters