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Know The Facts: Bed Bugs

What is Unique About This Web Site?

There are many very good web sites that all provide similar information about the basics of bed bugs. A few of these are linked throughout this site. This technical education web site differs in that it is designed to provide tools for those charged with educating others about bed bugs.

It includes technical resources such as power point presentations, printable brochures/handouts that can be custom designed for specific audiences, color photographs, specific question/answer write-ups, a 20 minute general video introduction to the bed bug problem as well as a series of small video (youtube type) clips that address specific techniques or questions about bed bug management. It also features an interactive video game that teaches about bed bug inspection, and is of particular interest to younger audiences. Finally, this site advertises a bed bug exhibit that can be taken to large conferences or other educational venues to provide general awareness information about bed bugs.

Purdue University Extension is pleased to provide these materials at no cost to you in an effort to increase the general awareness of the bed bug problem and to assist in the education of our citizens.

Also linked to this site are other resources, checklists, web sites and even a search program for bed bug products and services that have been developed elsewhere. Together, these are all provided as a buffet for educators teaching bed bug awareness and management to nearly any clientele group.

Timothy J. Gibb Ph. D.
Extension Specialist
Department of Entomology
Purdue University