Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Bug Bowl 2021

In 2021, Digital Bug Bowl was completely online!

Digital Bug Bowl ran for a whole Week: April 12-17th, 2021. Everything, including our live events, has been recorded and available for viewing later on.

In addition to videos, we have lots of fun activities to download and do at home.

Are the videos safe for my kids to watch?

Bug Bowl has always been a family-friendly event, and keeping kids safe in our new online format is our #1 priority. All videos have been posted on Facebook and YouTube. Because these are kid-friendly activities, all comments are strictly moderated or turned off completely.

I’m a teacher, how can I participate?

Look for a box highlighted in Grey on each page for lesson plans. Each day we have tried to identify a lesson plan or a craft that relates to the topic.

We are happy to answer questions; contact us at

What will Digital Bug Bowl Be Like?

Full Digital Bug Bowl 2021 Schedule