Bug Bowl Art Contest

The insect art contest is open to all Indiana students enrolled in grades 1 through 12.

All drawings will be displayed in Smith Hall the week before, during, and after Bug Bowl. Award Ribbons are presented to 5 students in each grade. All students receive a participation certificate.

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Because so many students want to participate, we limit registration to the first 1800 students.

Art Contest Rules:

  • Only one artwork submission per student.
  • Insects or arthropods (spiders, millipedes, etc.) must be central to the artwork.
  • Drawings must be on flat paper. No stretcher frames, mats, fabric, wood, or protruding parts more than 1⁄4 inch off the surface of the artwork. We love the creativity shown in the wide variety of submitted artwork, but we can’t hang it on our walls! Mats and other materials add too much weight.
  • Artwork must be original (not traced/not copyright protected images).
  • The artist’s name, grade, teacher name, and school must appear on the front of each drawing. We have adhesive labels that we will send to you for free, or you can print your own.

We do accept art from Home-Schooled children; they just need to have a parent’s name and city/state on the ID card for the Teacher/School lines.

Guidelines for rules, judging, and entry information (PDF)