Bug Bowl Art Contest

We will not hold an in-person
2021 Insect Art Contest

We will still have bug art, though!

Check out these insect art projects
that you can do at home

One of our favorite parts of Bug Bowl is all the insect art– both the art on display and the crafts families create together.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to host the 2021 Insect Art Show as an in-person event on campus. However, we hope everyone has fun with some of the art resources we’ve posted below. Many are faves from past Bug Bowls. Look for instructional videos in February.

Show us your creations by using the #BugBowl30 hashtag on your favorite social media channel!

Insect Bracelets and Rings

paper beetle that has been made into a ring

Insect Hats and Masks

Drawing and Coloring:

Craft Projects:

Insect mobiles:

The 2022 Insect Art Contest is open to all Indiana students enrolled in grades 1 through 12.

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