Digital Bug Bowl 2021: Spider Day

Thursday April 15th

Spiders aren’t insects, but are enough of a crawly animal we deal with them all the time as entomologists. We’ll talk LIVE to a spider scientist, go on a spiderweb hunt, and more!

Try the Spider Personality Quiz, and see if you can find a spider that matches your personality!

All about Spiders with Arachnologist Sebastian Echeverri

Sebastian Echeverri is your friendly neighborhood spider scientist. Sebastian was born in Colombia, and grew up in New York City. For his PhD, he studied the dances of jumping spiders, and from there learned to love all arachnids.

Sebastian's photo

He now keeps a variety of tarantulas and other spiders as pets. Sebastian’s favorite part of being a scientist is using outreach, photography, and social media to share wonderfully weird animals with everyone!

Pre-registration is not required for this session; we will be streaming live on Facebook, YouTube, and Kaltura. (All Ages)

Here’s the link to the livestream!

You can learn more about Dr. Echeverri in this article about him from AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science).

Anytime Activities:

Try the Spider Personality Quiz! (All Ages)

Go on a Spiderweb Hunt

Supplies: You’ll need a spray bottle with clean water in it, for misting spiderwebs to make them easier to see. The mist doesn’t harm the spiders or the web, and will evaporate quickly. (All Ages)

Go on a walk outside and see if you can find spiderwebs! Once you find one, gently mist it. What do you notice that you didn’t see before?

Elementary Teachers! Here is a spider lesson plan to help your students learn more:
The Spider Files: Firsthand experience with spiders debunks student misconceptions. October 2012, Science and Children 50(2) 73-77.

The book Next Time You See a Spiderweb (NSTA Press) by Emily Morgan is also a great introduction to these animals.

Middle/High School Teachers: here is a Data Nugget on spider webs that emphasizes graphing and quantitative reasoning.

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