Digital Bug Bowl 2021: Insect Museum Day

Wednesday, April 14th

Did you know Purdue Entomology is home to an entomological museum with 1.3 MILLION specimens? It is the largest and most important collection of Indiana insects. Many of these specimens are historic, like the Blatchley collection of beetles, true bugs, and more from the 1930s. Some are unique; the mayfly collection is the biggest and most complete mayfly collection in the world!

Discover the history of Entomology, and how you can contribute to its future!

Anytime Activities:

Digital Tour of The Purdue Entomology Museum

Did you know a research insect collection is like a Tardis? It lets you travel in time and space to look at bugs, and there’s a lot more inside it than you expect. (All Ages)

How to Collect Insects

Maybe you need to make an insect collection for school — or maybe you just what to know what is living around you! Our Museum Staff will show you some common entomological collecting techniques in this video. (All Ages)

How to Pin an Insect

Need to make a collection for a class or 4H? Watch this video to learn some tips and tricks from the pros of pinning! (All Ages)

grasshopper on a pin demonstrating correct pin and label orientation

Download instructions to make your own equipment here:

Want to Quiz yourself on what you learned about pinning? Try this 4H Challenge!

For some insects, it really does take professionals to get pinning done. Here’s an interview with Museum Director Aaron Smith about how to pin ironclad beetles. Power tools are involved!

Celebrating Black Entomologists

How about listening to some lovely harp music by Brandee Younger while you take a lunch break? You’ll learn about some entomological history makers, as well as meet some of the amazing black entomologists working in entomology around the world today. (All Ages)

EntoPOC helps students afford memberships in professional societies, and highlights a Scientist of the Month.

Thank you to Insect Ambassadors and the graduate students of UW-Madison for the use of this video.

Here’s a longer profile of Henry Turner, whose work on ants and bees was almost as revolutionary as being a black scientist during the early 1900s America.

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