FAQ and Resources

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about bees or beekeeping. Before contacting us, take a look here to see if your question has already been addressed:

Q: There is a swarm of bees outside. Can you come to get it?
A: We don’t typically offer that service but there are plenty of beekeepers in Indiana who do. Please contact the nearest beekeeper to you.

Q: My colony is sick, can you come to look at it?
A: We will happily look at photos of your sick colony to help you diagnose a problem. We also encourage you to contact our State Apiarist.

Q: Where can I purchase Mite Biters?
A: While we are integral to the breeding of the Mite Biter in North America, we don’t sell biter queens through our lab. Please contact the HHBBC for more details on where to get a biter queen.

Q: Can you test my bees for pests or pathogens?
A: We don’t offer this service yet. We encourage you to contact the USDA for these services.

If we’ve not answered your question here, check the resources below, our Extension publications, or contact us directly.

Helpful Links for Beekeepers in Indiana
Beekeeping Journals
Who to contact about bee pests
Kathleen Prough
State Apiary Inspector
420 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Brock Harpur
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Entomology
Purdue University
Smith Hall, 901 W State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Krispn Given
Apiculture Specialist
Dept. of Entomology
Purdue University
Smith Hall, 901 W State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Suppliers of bees and beekeeping equipment

Betterbee Inc.
Greenwich, NY
Phone : 800-632-3379
Fax : 518-692-9802
Seib’s Hoosier Honey
Mooresville, IN
Phone : 317-432-5342
Email : mike@seibshoosierhoney.com
Dadant and Sons, Inc.
Hamilton, IL
Phone : 217-847-3324
Fax : 217-847-3660
Graham’s Bee Works
Danville, IN
Phone : 317-422-1000
Mann Lake, Ltd.
Hackensack, MN
Phone : 800-880-7694
Fax : 218-675-6156
Rossman Apiaries, Inc.
Moultrie, GA
Phone 800-333-7677
The Walter T. Kelley Co.
Clarkson, KY
Phone : 270-242-7677
Bastin Honey Bee Farm, LLC
Knightstown, IN
5002 W. Co. Rd. 450 S.
Phone : 765-987-8385
Fax : 317-919-4208
Email : rbastin@bastinhoneybeefarm.com
Lebanon, IN
1107 E 325 East
Email: RJHoney@rjhoney.com