Insect Hunter Videos

Episode 1: A brief introduction to the Insect Hunter Video Series.

Episode 2: Jason Thomas and his multiple personalities explain everything you need to know about basic insect collecting. This video will discuss equipment, demonstrate techniques and offer advice for common problems experienced by insect hunting beginners.

Episode 3: Jason and his friends discuss the proper techniques, equipment and pitfalls to avoid to make sure your insects last for a long time by using the correct killing methods.

Episode 4: Jason and all of his friends explain the techniques and equipment necessary to properly pin your insects to create a great display for your collection.

Episode 5: Jason Thomas in a dramatic way teaches the techniques and methods to organize an insect collection. Drawing upon his acting abilities Jason acts out various characters to teach different concepts in a way that is both education and entertaining.

The Entomologists: Jason analyzes what an entomologist is, briefly teaches what these creatures do and how they can sometimes be awkward.