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Welcome to the Hunt lab's Bee Hive. We are involved in honey bee research and education.

Join our community research project and try our “mite-biter” queens!

Please participate in a honey bee loss survey. Help understand and quantify the losses of bees in Indiana over the past months and build on the results for the Bee Informed Survey:

Responses will be automatically tallied. Names will not be associated with the answers. No e-mail address will be gathered unless they are intentionally provided by the participant.

Click here to take the survey


Do you have a swarm to pick up? Find a local swarm catcher here: <>.

When bees swarm the queen and most of the hive bees leave after filling up on honey. Bees in a swarm are usually very gentle but leave them alone! With all those bees flying one could get stuck in your hair. The swarm sends out scout bees to find a new cavity to nest in. They usually stay for a few days and then they are off to their new home.

Study links corn seed treatments to honey bee toxicity

ISBA 2014 Fall Meeting
Saturday October 25:
The ISBA meeting will be held at Franklin Community High School.   The school is located at 2600 Cumberland Drive, Franklin, IN 46131.   Registration and social hour, 8:00 a.m.
More information:

IBA Fall Meeting
Friday+Saturday, November 7-8
The IBA meeting will be at McCormick's Creek State Park?.  More information:

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