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Welcome to the Hunt lab's Bee Hive. We are involved in honey bee research and education.


Indiana State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference and Bee School
Oct 24, Belzer Middle School
7555 East 56th St. Indianapolis, IN 46226
Guest Speaker: Michael Palmer
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Indiana Beekeepers Association Fall Conference
Nov 6-7, Clifty Falls State Park
Guest Speakers: Tim Tucker, ABF president and Peter Borst
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Do you have a swarm to pick up? Find a local swarm catcher here:

When bees swarm the queen and most of the hive bees leave after filling up on honey. Bees in a swarm are usually very gentle but leave them alone! With all those bees flying one could get stuck in your hair. The swarm sends out scout bees to find a new cavity to nest in. They usually stay for a few days and then they are off to their new home.

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