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Welcome to the Hunt lab's Bee Hive. We are involved in honey bee research and education.

Join our community research project and try our “mite-biter” queens!


May and June is swarming season. Do you have a swarm to pick up? Find a local swarm catchers here: (

When bees swarm the queen and most of the hive bees leave after filling up on honey. Bees in a swarm are usually very gentle but leave them alone! With all those bees flying one could get stuck in your hair. The swarm sends out scout bees to find a new cavity to nest in. They usually stay for a few days and then they are off to their new home.

Study links corn seed treatments to honey bee toxicity

West Central Beekeepers Field Day
June 7 at the Purdue Honey Bee Laboratory
Directions to the Lab  

Queen Rearing Short Course
Sponsored by Clover Blossom Honey Co., June 19-21, at
the Purdue Honey Bee Laboratory
Directions to the Lab   Registration

Indiana State Beekeepers Association Summer Field Day
June 21 at the Purdue Honey Bee Laboratory
Keynote Speaker: Dave Tarpy
(Click here for details)

Heartland Apiculture Society Summer Conference
July 10-12 at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
(Click here for details)

Thank you Oliver Winery for donating to our program to
breed mite-resistant bees!

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