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Welcome to Cliff’s Notes on Pest Management

Use this page to get up-to-date information on pests of ornamental plants around the home, and in nurseries, greenhouses, and Christmas tree plantations. This is a compilation of lectures and websites I have developed at Purdue University. Many of the photos are original, others have been taken by colleagues as indicated. Each presentation is updated yearly as I make changes in my class notes and update topic areas I cover in my extension talks. The page is divided into 5 distinct areas:

  1. General Entomology - Insect diversity, insect structure, and function.
  2. Plant Insect Diagnosis - Identification and biology of key insect pests.
  3. Pest Management Principles – Tools and approaches to pest management including a lecture on kinds of pesticides and how they work.
  4. Pesticide Recommendations - Links to specific recommendations.
  5. Invasive species - Links to pages about invasive pests like emerald ash borer, gypsy moths, and projects designed to keep overseas pests from entering the US.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments,

Cliff Sadof
Professor, Department of Entomology
Purdue University
Smith Hall
901 West State Street
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