Personal Safety

Dangerous Dead Ash

Dead and dying ash trees are extremely brittle and prone to cracking and dropping limbs on people and property. People have been killed or injured in cities across the country by falling ash tree limbs. Remove these trees before they die or lose major limbs to prevent these tragedies.
Private individuals and cities who have chosen to ignore the risk do so at their peril. Many insurance companies have begun refusing to pay for damage caused by dead falling trees.

Dead ash trees are much more challenging to cut down than living ash trees. A certified arborist is trained to deal with unexpected complications in tree removal. Find one at The International Society of Arborists' Website.

Pesticide Safety
Pesticide application is safe if done correctly, but, if a mishandled, pesticides can harm you, your tree, or the environment and, in some cases, fines can be levied against you for improper application. Professional applicators are familiar with pertinent laws and will walk you through a proper treatment plan. If you decide to treat your trees yourself, always carefully read and follow pesticide labels to insure you apply materials at the proper dose.  See this guide for tips on safe pesticide use in the home garden and landscape.