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Dr. Sadof has built upon linkages between departments and disciplines and regulatory officials to identify and respond to pest management needs of the green industry, home gardeners and consumers. In recent years invasive species and information transfer have been at the forefront of his program. Domestically his focus on invasive species has been the development and delivery of tools to manage emerald ash borer. These include decision making tools and the testing of biological and chemical strategies. Internationally he works with offshore producers of ornamental plants to reduce the number of exotic invasive pests that move through trade. He works closely with State and US regulatory officials to deliver a science based education program that is coordinated with regional activities. Sadof and his colleagues have made a committed effort to use technology to improve the capacity of his clientele to identify and effectively manage pests. This includes the development of the first smart phone apps to provide the users with the information they need to properly diagnose and manage insect, disease and abiotic problems. It also includes the development of web based decision making tools to help city foresters manage emerald ash borers. His group also provides national webinars to help foresters stay apprised of the latest development of managing exotic pests.

Current Projects

  • Development of a suite of smart phone and tablet applications to help consumers and the green industry identify and manage pest problems (Purdue Plant Doctor series)
  • Maintenance of a web-based cost calculator to help decision managers incorporate improved technological understanding in their management of emerald ash borer
  • Use of host plant resistance, biological control, and area approaches for managing emerald ash borer
  • Development of decision making thresholds and best management practices for reducing the abundance of pests in ornamental landscapes and in nursery stoc
  • Work with colleagues (US, Europe and Latin America) to integrate chemical and biological control via studying non-target effects of pesticides
  • Work with colleagues in the SESYNC National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center to develop regulatory approaches for reducing the international spread of pests on live nursery stock

Long-term Extension and Research Goals

  • Improved capacity of clientele to identify and manage pests with least toxic methods and biological control
  • Increased proactive management of exotic pest invaders through adoption of best available biological, chemical and regulatory tools
  • Integration of chemical and biological control through improved communication and decision making

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