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Extension/Research Program

Dr. Gibb’s extension responsibilities include 3 primary focus areas. These include Insect Diagnostics, Youth and 4-H, and Urban IPM extension. Insect diagnostics is a service area of extension that provides valuable pest management information to the general public, grower groups, and professionals. On average, 1000 insects or insect-related specimens are identified per year and, in most cases, biology facts and control recommendations are provided with the identification to each submitter. Together with similar services provided in weed, animal and plant disease diagnoses, this combined Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (PPDL) represents a very valuable public service for a wide range of clientele. Youth and 4-H program responsibilities span both extension and outreach areas. FFA and 4-H judging competitions, county and state fair insect collections and education exhibits, and a host of other smaller youth programs engage Indiana’s youth in entomology learning and service. Upwards of 1200 youth are enrolled in these programs each year.

Dr. Gibb continues to focus extension programs around his research in the areas of public safety and pest management. Extension outlets for this information include his IPM technical resource center web site that receives approximately 45,000 hits each year, 3 correspondence courses entitled Integrated Pest Management in Public Buildings and Landscapes, Turfgrass and Golf courses, as well as varied extension and research formal publications (papers and books). He conducts research experiments and projects as needed to support these efforts. In addition to insect identifications via PPDL, news articles, formal papers and publications, web sites, extension publications, media appearances, and updates given through public speaking are all avenues through which he disseminates insect related information the public.

Current Projects

  • IPM in School program development and training. Funding from USDA and EPA.
  • Bed bug pest management research and extension. Funding from EPA and HUD.
  • 4-H and FFA contests and programs development. These programs are largely funded within the University system, with limited funding coming from outside agencies.

Long-term Extension and Research Goals

Dr. Gibb’s long-term extension and research goal is to promote entomology education that leads to increased human and environmental safety through:

  • Implementation of best management practices and reduction of unneeded and ineffective chemical pesticide applications.
  • Facilitating training and adoption of public IPM programs.
  • Development of user friendly, cost effective methodology to control urban pests.
  • Training youth to become better citizens of the environment by understanding the benefits – as well as the hazards - of insects and their control.

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