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IPM Training Seminars: Over 85% of the state's public school districts have participated in IPM training through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Customer Protection (DATCP) and UW Extension. School personnel spend a day with the IPM experts, learning to design their own IPM programs and getting questions answered about pest management.

Winter 2002-2003 seminars are in the process of being scheduled now.

The School IPM Video Series is now available for schools that can't send someone to one of the School IPM training locations. The two-set video can be signed out through a County Agriculture Extension office for up to two weeks. Presenters are the same UW and DATCP staff that teach the IPM Training Seminar. Completion of a survey is requested of those who take their IPM training by video.

IPM Spotlight Schools
Wisconsin's Spotlight school project helps schools that do not yet have IPM programs in place. Participating schools lead by example to share their outcomes for the benefit of others. UW Extension and DATCP IPM staff assist schools throughout the life of the project. Contact the Wisconsin School IPM program coordinator at 608-224-4547, to learn more about Wisconsin's IPM Spotlight schools.

Wisconsin regulates use of pesticides on public school grounds:

The ‘Wisconsin School Pesticide Use Law’, passed August 30, 2001 reads as follows:

94.715 Pest management for schools. (1) DEFINITIONS. In this section:
(e) “Pesticide” has the meaning given in s. 94.67 (25), except that “pesticide” does not include a germicide, sanitizer, or disinfectant.
(2) REQUIREMENTS FOR SCHOOL BOARDS. A school board shall do all of the following:
(dm) Authorize pesticide application in a school or on school grounds to be conducted only by persons who are certified in the applicable pesticide use categories under s. 94.705.
(g) Post notice of each pesticide application in a school or on school grounds at the time of the application and for at least 72 hours following the application.
History: 2001 a. 16.

  • WI DATCP is the certifying body for commercial pesticide applicators in the state.

To schedule or register for a seminar, learn more about Wisconsin’s IPM program or the pesticide use law, visit us on the web:

email us at, type in the subject line: "School IPM"

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