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Working with a Pest Control Service in an IPM Program

Purdue University IPM Technical Resource Center

Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Facilities


1. Exclusion: Keeping pests out 2. Sanitation: Limiting pest resources 3. Monitor for pests: Recognizing a pest problem 4. Select a treatment strategy: Solving the pest problem 5. Evaluation and record keeping An increasing number of pest management companies are providing IPM services such as monitoring for pests and use of insect baits. Communicate with your current provider that you are interested in developing an IPM program. They will likely be knowledgeable about IPM and happy to provide these services. When hiring a new company, provide a copy of the pest management policy and assure that the company can provide services that are consistent with the policy.

Professional IPM services include:

- Thorough and regular inspection of all pest vulnerable areas of buildings and grounds - Monitoring for pests - Pest identification - Recommendations for control which may include recommendations on housekeeping or maintenance items - Pesticide applications only when needed. No routine baseboard sprays! - Providing the client with information/labels for pesticides used - The use of low-risk pesticides and application methods - Scheduling pesticide applications when the building is not occupied - Providing detailed records of pest activity, recommendations, and pesticides used - Ongoing evaluation of control measures success

Other considerations:

- Ask if the pest control technician that will service your account has had training in Integrated Pest Management for schools - Make sure that any employees who will make pesticide applications at the school are trained and certified by the state to do so - Provide a copy of the pest management policy to the pest management professional - If possible, consult with the contractor when the policy is drafted - Discuss the IPM program and establish goals and objectives - Identify an onsite employee to serve as an ongoing contact for the pest management contractor and to communicate the pest manager's recommendations to administrators and staff to assure that they are carried out. This Coordinator is also responsible for assuring that any control methods used are consistent with the school's pest management policy.