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Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Facilities

Pest Management Practices - IPM Coordinator

What is an IPM Coordinator?

For IPM to be successful, it is critical that a good system of communication be established.To facilitate this communication, administrators should designate an IPM Coordinator for the school, school district or corporation, or childcare facility. This person will be the primary contact for all matters related to pest control for the school, and act as a liaison between the building occupants and the pest management professional. They will also serve as a contact for parents or others seeking information about pesticide use or other pest management practices. The IPM Coordinator has the following responsibilities: - Maintain records of all pest sightings by school staff and students - Serve as the primary contact for the pest control professional and communicate any pest problems - Communicate the pest manager's recommendations related to maintenance and sanitation to school staff and administrators - Assure that pest management practices carried out by the pest management professional are consistent with the IPM policy - Maintain written records of all pesticide applications - Serve as a contact person to members of the school community interested in pest management practices - Evaluate the IPM program on a regular basis It is important that the IPM Coordinator is given the administrative authority to carry out these tasks successfully. For example, if the pest manager recommends that a cluttered classroom be cleaned up to prevent pest infestation, the IPM Coordinator should have the authority or the administrative support to assure that this recommendation is carried out by the teacher.

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