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Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Facilities

Adminstrators - Implementing IPM in Your School - Text Only Version

IPM training opportunities for school personnel:

Coming Soon:

Workshop for School Groundskeepers: Turf and Landscape IPM Tentatively scheduled for early to mid October, these 2 workshops (one in northern Indiana and one in southern Indiana) will discuss IPM principles for turf and landscape management. Topics will include: - Establishment and management of turf with an emphasis on reducing the need for pesticide use - Maintenance of common areas as well as athletic fields - Selection and maintenance of landscape plants - Landscape design in an IPM program - Herbicide and insecticide use outdoors in an IPM program - Notification of pesticide use in an IPM program

Developing School IPM Programs 2001.

This series of workshops (completed in June 2001) was developed by the School IPM Resource Center and was sponsored by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. These programs for custodial, kitchen, and maintenance staff and provided hands on training in IPM concepts and techniques. Similar Introductory IPM Workshops will be offered again in 2002, along with more advanced training for groundskeepers, kitchen staff, and IPM practitioners. Click here for the 2001 Workshop schedule and a sample agenda.


Certified Pesticide Applicator Training.

Certified Pesticide Applicator Training is offered through Purdue Pesticide Programs independently of the School IPM Resource Center. For more information on pesticide applicator training, including scheduled training dates, registration and materials, visit the Purdue Pesticide Programs web site.

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