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Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Facilities

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National School IPM Online Resources

The School IPM Website is a the number one resource site for School IPM. Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency and maintained by the University of Florida, this fast-growing site provides helpful information for parents, school administrators and pest controllers. The EPA Region 9's publication, "IPM for Schools: A How-to Manual" outlines in detail all the steps to creating an IPM Program in your school, and has specific sections on the management of key school pests such as ants, cockroaches, and yellowjackets. A bibliography is included for each chapter. Or visit U.S. EPA for a list of national IPM resources for schools. The National Directory for School IPM maintained by EPA region 5 lists activities relevant to school IPM on a state-by-state basis, along with contact information for each state. The School IPM Organization Directory maintained by the IPM Institute of North America lists national and state resources and contacts related to school IPM.


Indiana School IPM and Children's Health Online Resources

Pest management links

Indiana Senate Bill 143 and House Bill 1250 would require the governing body of a public school or nonpublic school to adopt and implement policies and procedures designed to effectively control pests and minimize potential exposure of children to pesticides in school buildings. Read about the status of this proposed legislation. Recommendations for writing a pest management policy for Indiana schools. [PDF File] Monroe County Community School Corporation was the first in Indiana to implement IPM in their schools. Learn more about IPM Program and how they got started.


Children's health and school safety links

Indiana Department of Education maintains a checklist for a safe and secure school environment. The site includes a list of links to other useful school safety web sites. Indiana's Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), in addition to sponsoring the IPM in Schools Program in Indiana, has a variety of initiatives that affect children's health. Learn more about them at the Office of Pollution Prevention & Technical Assistance's Children's Health Initiatives page. IDEM's Environmental links for Students, Teachers and Kids includes projects and resources for teaching, learning, and fun. Improving Kids' Environment is a non-profit, advocacy coalition in Indiana that facilitates tangible and significant improvements to children's health through reductions in environmental threats to children.

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