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Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Facilities

Adminstrators - Text Only Version

Thank you for visiting the IPM Resource Center website. This area of the website provides a variety of resources to help you develop an Integrated Pest Management program to meet the needs of your schools or childcare facilities. Administrators of schools and childcare facilities need to consider a number of factors in planning a pest management program: cost, safety and liability issues, working with contracted services, and local laws and regulations, among others. Here we have outlined the major steps in setting up an IPM program and provided resources and links to help you complete each step. Keep in mind these are general guidelines and may be adapted to meet the needs of your situation and any applicable state laws and regulations. If you have further questions about IPM contact Tim Gibb or call the IPM Technical Resource Center Hotline at 1-877-668-8IPM (8476).

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What is IPM?

Why Use IPM in Schools?

Components of IPM

Implementing IPM in Your School

Training Opportunities and Resources

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IPM Web Resources (Links)

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