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Minnesota IPM: Information, Contacts, and Resources
Laws and Regulations

MN K-12 Pesticide Notification Law:

Other Resources Related to the Laws:

Training Opportunities for Pesticide Safety

The Minnesota Health, Environmental, and Pesticide Safety Program provides information on Pesticide Applicator Training.

School and Childcare IPM Resources in Minnesota

The following people are involved in the Minnesota School IPM Working Group and can provide information and resources about IPM in Schools.

Public Agency Contacts

Phil Allmon
Health & Safety Coordinator
Facilities & Organization
Dept. of Children, Families and Learning
1500 Hwy 36 West
Roseville, MN 55113-4266
Phone: 651/582-8748 / Fax: 651-582-8873
Jean Ciborowski
Integrated Pest Management Coordinator
Agricultural Development Division
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
90 West Plato Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55107-2094
Phone: 651-297-3217 / Fax: 651-297-7678
Emily Moore
MN Office of Environmental Assistance
520 Lafayette Rd. N. - 2nd Floor
St. Paul, MN 55155-4100
Phone: 651-215-0201 / Fax: 651-215-0246
Chuck Stroebel
Environmental Health
Minnesota Department of Health
P.O.Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
Phone: 651-215-0919 / Fax: 651-215-0975

University/Extension Contacts

Jeff Hahn
Extension Entomologist
Dept. of Entomology
University of Minnesota
1980 Folwell Avenue
236 Hodson Hall
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 612-624-4977 / FAX: 612-625-5299
Dean Herzfeld
Department of Plant Pathology
495 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108
tel: 612-624-3477
FAX: 612-625-9728
Robert Mugaas
Extension Horticulturist
University of Minnesota Extension Service - Hennepin County
1525 Glenwood Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone: 612-374-8434 / Fax: 612-374-8417

School Administrators with IPM Programs

Jerry Hines
Facility Operations Coordinator
St. Paul Public Schools
1930 Como Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
Voice: 651-603-5006
Fax: 651-290-8362
Brian Johnson
Sartell Public Schools
212 3rd Avenue N.
Sartell, MN 56377
Phone: 320-656-3740 / Fax: 320-656-3765
Jackie Kearns
Grounds and Labor Supervisor
St. Paul Public Schools
1930 Como Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
direct phone 651-603-5014
fax: 651-290-8362


Pest Control Professionals

Jay Bruesch
Technical Director
Plunkett's Pest Control
40 NE 52nd Way
Fridley, MN 55421-1014
tel: 763-571-7100 ext. 3
fax: 612-870-9315



Websites and Resources

Minnesota Department of Health Resources:

The Minnesota Department of Health has a variety of resources related to IPM in schools and children’s environmental health:

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Resources:

University of Minnesota/University of Minnesota Extension Service:

Other Resources:

  • Minnesota Pesticide Resource Center is a coalition of seven institutions whose mission is to help Minnesotans find and interpret pesticide related information. Topics of the website include monitoring and use data, toxicological information, at risk audiences, Integrated Pesticide Management (include schools) and Minnesota statues and rules.