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Indoor Pest Management
Turf & Landscape Managment

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The following links contain information and specific IPM strategies for controlling common pests found in and around schools and childcare centers. IPM methods can vary considerably from one program to another. Make sure the recommendations you follow are consistant with your IPM policy. We would like to acknowledge the Illinois Practical Guide to Management of Common Pests in Schools, EPA Region 9 IPM for Schools: A How-to Manual, and University of Florida’s School IPM Website as the primary sources for the information provided. Each of the following links will open in a new window.

"Bug of the Month" From the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.


Management of Common Midwest Ant Species
IPM for Ants in Schools

Success with Ant Baits


Cockroach Management
Cockroaches: IPM for Cockroaches in Schools
Least Toxic Methods of Cockroach Control

Clothes moths and carpet beetles

IPM for Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles


IPM for Fleas in Schools


IPM for Flies in Schools

Head lice

Prevention and Treatment of Head Lice
Head Lice Control
IPM for Head Lice

Mice and other rodents

The House Mouse
IPM for Rats and Mice
Non-chemical Rodent Control

Mystery bugs

Dealing with Complaints of Mysterious Biting Bugs

Occasional invaders

When Outdoor Insects Come In

Outdoor vertebrate pests

Controlling Moles, Voles, Pigeons, and Other Vertebrate Pests Outdoors

Pantry/stored product pests

Food-Infesting Pests
Pantry Pests

Silverfish, firebrats, and booklice

IPM for Silverfish, Firebrats and Booklice


Spider Control and Management
IPM for Spiders in Schools

Termites and wood-damaging pests

Termites and Other Wood Damaging Pests
Swarming Termites and Ants
Using Termite Baits

Yellowjackets and hornets

Yellowjacket Control and Management
IPM for Yellowjackets and Hornets in Schools

Distinguishing Bees, Wasps, Yellowjackets and Hornets

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