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What is a Pest?

What is a Pest?

What Is A Pest Cartoon

We know that certain insects can feed on the blood of people or other vertebrate animals, and can transmit diseases that are very serious health concerns. These are pests. Nearly every kind of plant in nature is food to one insect or another. When insects feed on plants that we as humans dont want them to, they become pests. Agricultural crops and horticultural plants are consumed by a number of different insects and are at risk from the time the seed is planted until the crop is harvested, stored, or consumed. When insects compete for the same foods as humans, we consider them pests. If insects sting, bite, annoy, contaminate, or make life less pleasurable in any way, people consider them pests. Insect pests may damage homes, clothing, or other products that we make, store, or use. Insects that harm us or our animals, destroy our foods, or damage our buildings, structures, or the materials we producein short, compete with humans in any wayare called pests.

A pest can generally be defined as any animal, plant, or other organism whose biology, behavior, or location places it in direct conflict with humans. Because some insects threaten human health, destroy food, damage structures or landscapes, or cause general annoyance or anxiety, they are considered pests.