• Pre harvest applications can provide a good opportunity to control perennials.

Up to 1.12 lbs ae (ground)

up to 0.75 ob ae (aerial)

  • Apply at 35% moisture or less, when corn is at black layer with maximum kernel fill is complete
  • Apply at least 7 days before harvest
  • Several labels recommend against apply to seed corn.
Grain Sorghum 0.75 to 1.5 lb ae
  • Apply at 30% moisture or less.
  • Apply 7 days before harvest, but a 14 day period is recommended before harvest.
  • Do not apply to grain sorghum grown for seed.

4.5 lb ae (ground)

0.75 lb ae (aerial)

  • Apply after pods have set and lost all green color, and at least 7 to 14 days before harvest.
  • Do not graze or harvest for feed (Roundup brand labels allow use of soybean for livestock feed when harvest is at least 25 days after application).
  • Do not use for soybeans grown for seed.

0.38 to 0.6 lb ae

  • Apply when wheat is in the hard dough stage.
  • Do not apply to wheat grown for seed.
  • Stubble can be grazed after harvest.
Clarity Wheat 8 oz
  • Apply when the wheat is in the hard dough stage and no longer green.
  • Wait 10 to 14 days before harvest.
  • Do not graze or use for feed.
  • Do not plant soybean for 14 days after application.
Gramoxone Max
  • Mature cocklebur and labsquarter are tolerant to Gramoxone Max and may not dry completely.
  • Add nonionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v or crop oil concentrate at 1% v/v.
1.3 pt
  • Used for drying weeds in field, seed, and popcorn.
  • Apply after black layer.
  • Apply at least 7 day sbefore harvest.
Soybean 10.7 oz
  • Indeterminate - apply when 65% of the seed pods have reached a mature brown or when seed moisture is 30% or less.
  • Determinate - apply when at least 50% of the leaves have dropped and the rest of the leaves are turning yellow. For aerial applications, use a spray volume of 5 GPA, for ground use 20 GPA
Reglone Grain sorghum 1.5 to 2 pt.
  • Apply at 30% moisture or less.
  • Apply 1 to 2 weeks before harvest.
  • Do not use seed from treated plants for food, feed, or oil.
Sodium chlorate Grain sorghum 4 to 6 lb
  • Apply 7 to 10 days before harvest.
  • Use adjuvant as recommended by label.
  • Can be applied with 28% UAN to increase foliar activity.
  • Do not graze treated fields or feed treated fodder, forage, or seed within 14 days of application.
2,4-D amine or ester
(4 lb ai/gal)
  • If the 1 pt/A rate is used do not plant soybean for 7 days (ester) and 15 days (amine). If great than 2 pt is used, do not plant soybean for 30 days.
  • See specific label for details about rate, adjuvant, and rain fast intervals.
  Corn 1 to 2 pts/A
  • Apply after silks are competely brown (denting stage).
  • Do not feed or use for frage for 7 days after application.
Wheat 1 to 2 pts/A
  • Apply when wheat is in the hard dough, 30% or less moisture.
  • Do not graze for 2 weeks after application and do not use treated straw for feed.