Tobacco Hornworm Pupal Rearing



  1. Cut top off 2-liter bottle approximately 6.5 inches (165mm) from the bottom.
  2. Place soda can in bottom half of bottle upside down.
  3. Fill the space around the can with soil. Be sure to cover the top of the can as well. Semi packdown soil. If extremely dry, moisten lightly.
  4. Make a slit or two in the top half of the bottle so that it will tightly fit around the bottom half.There should be 1.5 inches overlap.
  5. Insert the wooden stick into the soil so that the top of the stick rests diagonally in the lid of the tophalf of the soda bottle when put together.
  6. Place a "wanderer" onto the soil surface and connect the two halves.

The hornworm will burrow into the soil between the can and the bottle. Students will be able to seethe burrowed hornworm pupating between the can and bottle below the soil surface. Most horn-worms will pupate in a week and emerge in another 1 to 3 weeks.