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Master Gardener InsectQuiz (100 points)


Circle the best answer (5 points each)

1.Which of the following is NOT an insect?


b)spider mite




2.Which insect has complete metamorphosis

����������� a) lacebug

����������� b) Japanese beetle

����������� c) aphid

����������� d) annual cicada


3.�� Insects breath through:

����������� a) mouths

����������� b) skin

����������� c) spiracles

����������� d) oral cavity


4.Sooty mold is most likely caused by:

����������� a) a virus secreted by aphids.

����������� b) a disease caused by cuumber beetles

����������� c) a fungus growing on honeydew secreted by aphids

����������� d) warm wet weather


5.Sapsucker damage differs from borer injury in that sapsucker

����������� a) holes in the trunk are larger

����������� b) holes in the trunk in straight lines and not arranged randomly.

����������� c) holes in the trunk are �D� or �O� shaped.

����������� d) larvae are not present beneath the holes


6.Spider mite injury differs from lacebug injury in that the

����������� a) white stipples on the leaf surface are larger

����������� b) webs and eggs are present on leaf undersides.

����������� c) black fecal spots and black eggs are present on leaf undersides.

����������� d) spider mites leave small holes in leaves.


7. Which of the following insects have piercing sucking mouthparts.

����������� a) monarch caterpillar

����������� b)cockroach

����������� c) carpenter ant

����������� d) aphid




8.Whichof the following insects have chewing mouthparts.

����������� a) mealybug

����������� b) adult cabbage butterfly

����������� c) cabbage butterfly caterpillar

����������� d ) lacebug


9.Japanese beetle traps are not recommended because they:

a) attract more beetles than they can control and do not decease plant damage.

b) do not kill Japanese beetles

c) attract and kill beneficial predators and parasites.

d) are too expensive


10. Curative control of Japanese beetle grubs involves:

a) applying a systemic pesticide in June.

b) applying a systemic pesticide in May

c) applying a pesticide and watering it in during August

d) applying a pesticide and watering it in during April.


Matching ( 5 points each)


11.Match the pest with the damage symptom


a.Bronze birch borer�������������������������� ___ defoliation

b.Tuliptree aphid�������������������������������� ___honeydew

c.�� Spider mite������������������������ ___ boring dust

d.�� Bagworm�������������������������������������� ____stippling

e.�� Cooley�s spruce gall adelgid����������� ____gall


True and False (5 points each)



12. T��� F�� Small beetles grow into large beetles.


13.T��� F�� Female bagworms never develop wings.


14.T��� F�� Most insects are pests


15.T��� F�� Killing Japanese beetle grubs can reduce defoliation on trees.


16.T��� F��Slug development is promoted by excessively rainy and damp weather.