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This website is the product of a Susan Harwood Training Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor developed by Purdue University’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program. It is intended to be a resource for those conducting safety and health training in the area of agricultural confined spaces with a special focus on grain storage, handling and processing. Training resources are included that are relevant to farm operators, youth and beginning workers in the grain industry, workers in the commercial grain industry and emergency first responders.

Please feel free to browse through the website for information on Purdue’s latest fatality and injury reports, available educational and research publications, frequently asked questions and downloadable videos and PowerPoint presentations. Due to the quality and size of the teaching resources included, downloading may take several minutes.

Announcements & News

The research and extension agenda for agricultural confined spaces has been released. The electronic version is available on the publication section in our website. The research agenda has been prepared by the Committee on Agricultural Safety and Health Research and Extension - NCERA - 197 National Institute for Food and Agriculture United States, Department of Agriculture.

The 2015 Summary of Agricultural Confined Space-related Incidents is now available on our Yearly Reports page.

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