Soybean Growth Stages

This identification system divides plant development into vegetative (V) and reproductive (R) stages. With the exception of the first two stages, the (V) stages are designated numerically as V1, V2, V3, etc. through V(n) where (n) represents the number for the last node stage of a specific variety. The (n) will fluctuate with variety and environmental differences. The eight R stages are simply designated numerically.

Vegetative and Reproductive Stages

The V stages following VC are numbered according to the uppermost fully developed leaf node. Start with the unifoliolate leaf node when counting the number of fully developed leaf nodes. A leaf node is fully developed when the leaf above it has leaflets which are fully unrolled. That is, the leaflet edges are no longer touching.

Soybean Growth Stages Diagram
Soybean development
Soybean vegetative stages
Vegetative Stages
Soybean reproductive stages
Reproductive Stages