Bug Scout 1981
Mexican Beetles Overwinter
(Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University)
It's a seed-and-destroy mission for overwintering Mexican bean beetles!
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April 4, 1981

Mexican bean beetles spend the winter months hibernating in plant debris.  Wooded areas provide ideal sites for the beetle to overwinter.  For this reason, soybeans near wooded areas are frequently hardest hit by Mexican bean beetles.

Beetles have been found hibernating in high numbers in hay barns near soybean fields.  Homeowners have also found beetles in flower boxes, air conditioners, and around doors and windows.

Overwintering success of Mexican been beetle adults is influenced by several factors.  Cold winters tend to be harmful to hibernating beetles.  Plowing under infested soybean stubble also destroys many of the beetles.  However, beetles that feed in the fall on double-cropped soybeans or alfalfa are better able to survive the winter.

Mexican bean beetles and humans find winter hard to take at times.  But Mexican bean beetles can't escape by going to Florida.  

by Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University

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