Bug Scout 1978
Identify Weeds Now
(Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University)
Looks like Bug Scout found the bur patch
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September 2, 1978

Think about next year's weed control program now.  Next winter when deciding on your 1979 crop it will be important to know the weeds that are primary problems in 1978.

With more than 30 species of weeds as potential pests and more than 50 combinations of herbicides and methods of application recommended for use, the weed control decision gets more complicated each year.  Every bit of information helps.

While you can probably identify most of the weeds in your fields and know those trouble spots where weeds always seem to get the upper hand, it won't hurt to write the information down.

If you aren't sure about the identity of a weed, get help from a specialist.  There are enough risks in pest control without guessing about this summer's weeds next winter.  

by Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University

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