Bug Scout 1979
Here Are Some Insecticide Suggestions
(Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University)
Let's see... on 40-in. rows that would be 6.5 lb. However, on 32-in. rows...
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February 3, 1979

Insecticides should be applied as row treatments for corn rootworm control.

The recommended rate is 1.2 oz. active ingredient per 1000 ft. of row.  How much material is needed per acre?  It depends on formulation and row width.  For instance, on 40-in. rows, 9.8 lb. of material will be needed to treat one acre with a 10% granular product.

Other row widths and formulations are listed in the table below.  The amount per acre will vary.

Use the table to calculate the amount of formulated insecticide to purchase.  Just multiply the value in the table by the number of acres needing treatment.

Remember that using recommended rates is the key to good rootworm control with insecticides.

Pounds of formulated insecticide needed to treat one acre at 1.2 oz. per 1000 ft. of row.
                                    % granule
         Row width      10         15      20  
         40 in.             9.80      6.57      4.90
         38 in.           10.32      6.91      5.16
         36 in.           10.89      7.30      5.45
         30 in.           13.07      8.76      6.54

by Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University

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