Bug Scout 1978
Treat for Lice Now
(Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University)
I think they resent your calling lice a 'social disease'.
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December 18, 1978

Cattle rubbing and scratching? Might be a sign of lice. Louse populations are usually most severe in late winter and early spring. However, fall is the best time for treatment of louse populations.

Examination of cattle will reveal lice crawling among or clinging to the hairs. Control can be achieved with any of a number of recommended insecticides.

Lice infestations are less troublesome on cattle in top physical condition. Barns should be kept clean and well-ventilated. Don't overcrowd animals.

Cattle do not become lousy from lice on sparrows or pigeons roosting in the barn. However, infestations can result from the introduction of untreated animals into the herd. My old Kansas neighbor once said, "A lousy bull can sure ruin a good herd of cattle!" He was probably correct in more ways than one.

by Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University

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