Bug Scout 1978
Buy Pesticides Carefully
(Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University)
Looks like Bug Scout's back from a pesticide sales wing-ding!
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November 18, 1978

'Tis that season of the year again.  Time for the food and frolic of the pesticide sales meetings!  Fun tho they may be, sales meetings are a poor place to make pest management decisions.

Use sales meetings to determine whether a pesticide is the correct one for your program.  Remember, sales meetings emphasize the good points of products.  It's up to you to find out about the less desirable aspects of a pesticide.  Ask questions at the meeting, and later of unbiased people, to get the full story.

After you have determined the need for a pesticide in your pest management program, make the best possible decision on which on to use.  And remember, not all pesticides perform the same under all conditions.  Being selective about pesticides, when they are needed, can make you money.

by Tom Turpin, Entomologist, Purdue University

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