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Tom Turpin developed Bug Scout, the cartoon character, in the mid 1970's. Natalie Brown drew the cartoon. She based the cartoon on a photographic version of a stereotypical entomologist decked out in pith helmet, short pants, tall socks, and a collecting net. The original "Bug Scout" was portrayed by John Mumford and photographed by Tom Peck to produce a series of slides of an entomologist on a collecting trip.

"Bug Scout" became a series of cartoons that were published in Indiana Prairie Farmer. Each cartoon ran in association with a short article entitled "Pest Management Tip." The cartoon and the article were designed to communicate concepts associated with pest management. "Bug Scout" became a popular feature of Prairie Farmer and a cost-effective method for communicating pest management concepts to agricultural audiences.
Buy Pesticides Carefully
Check for Rootworms
Clean Grain Bins
Corn Borer Controls
Count Rootworm Beetles
Early Harvest Reduced Corn Borer Damage
Identify Weeds Now
New Program Emphasizes Early Detection of Pests
Store Herbicides Properly to Maintain Strength
Treat Only Where Needed
Treat for Lice Now

Beware of Damage Caused by Alfalfa Insects
Check for Cornborers
Check for Cutworm Damage in Corn
Compaction Hurts Crop Production
Find Economic Threshold
Good Sanitation Cuts Fly Problem
Here Are Some Insecticide Suggestions
Hiring a Specialist
How to Check for Nematodes in Corn
It May Be A Grasshopper Year
Learn About Pest Management
Make Careful Checks for Rootworm Beetles
Make Sure Tank Mixes Are Compatible
Planting Date Affects Insects
Rains Reduce Borers
Rootworm Control Tips
Rootworms Cause Some Lodging
Select Insecticides Carefully
Short Courses Offer Pest Management
Some Insects Beneficial
Store Pesticides Safely
Switch Insecticides with Moderation
Use Bait for Picnic Beetles

Avoid Clothing Contamination
Base Control on Economic Injury Level
Check Insects At Pollination
Check Sprayer Equipment
Check Strips Helpful
Check for Rootworms
Consider Biological Control
Control Spray Drifts
Don't Take Recommendations for Granted
Help From A Specialist
Insect Devices Give Partial Control
Kill Those Flies
Many Pests Like Corn Ears
Pest Management Offered in Short Course
Pheromones Aid Insect Control
Reduce Overwintering Pests
Scout for Cutworm
Several Factors Affect Insecticide Performance
Utilizing Heat Units
Windshield May Be Clue
Winter Meetings Helpful
Wireworm Control Outlined

Check Before You Spray
Check for Cornborers
Consider a Crop Scout
Determining Economic Threshold
Grub Problems Decline
Insects Controlled by Winter
Less Tillage Changes Pest Problems
Lice Control a Hairy Problem
Mexican Beetles Overwinter
Not All Corn Lodging Caused by Rootworms
Not All Insects are "Pests"
Pest Control Isn't Simple
Pesticides are Poisons
Planting Dates Affect Insect Population
Prune Fruit Tress Now
Rootworm Beetles Have Arrived
Sanitation Means Fewer Flies
Start Weed Control Now
Time for Armyworms
Too Cold for Medfly in Indiana
Treatment First-Year Corn for Rootworms Questionable
Watch for Leafhoppers in Alfalfa
Wet Weather May Reduce Some Insect Problems

Calculated Pest Control Hard to Compute
Check for Cornborer Damage
Chemical Safety Starts with Mice and Men
Flight Dirty to Beat Bird Problems
Inspect Plants for Future Rootworm Control
Pest Management Isn't Poured Out of Cans
Planting Timelines Affects Rootworm Control
Poor Germination Bugs Your Yields
Rootworm Control Adds Support High Yields
Scout Before Pests Steal Your Profits
Start Grain Storage With a Clean Sweep
Taking a Swat at Fly Control
Turn Over New Leaf on Bean Beetle Control
Who Should Give You Crop Advice?

Pesticide Cover-up Good for Health
Winter Affects Insects? Don't Bet On It!

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