Bug Bowl Photo

Bug Bowl - Purdue University

The annual Bug Bowl is the largest known insect event of its kind. Nearly 30,000 people attend this event each year as part of Purdue's Spring Fest weekend. Preschoolers through retirees take part in hands-on insect activities including the cricket spitting contest and cockroach racing at Roachill Downs. Bug Bowl is part of Purdue's Spring Fest weekend!

The 26th annual Bug Bowl will be April 8th and 9th, 2017.

Bug Bowl runs from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Future Bug Bowl Dates:

  • April 14-15, 2018
  • April 06-07, 2019
  • April 18-19, 2020
  • April 17-18, 2021
  • April 09-10, 2022
  • April 15-16, 2023