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The Beekeepers of Indiana

Local Indiana Beekeeping Clubs

4H Beekeeping in Indiana

Midwestern Regional Beekeepers Club:
Heartland Apiculture Society

Local beekeeping clubs in Indiana:PDF

Suppliers of bees and beekeeping equipment

Betterbee Inc.
Greenwich, NY
Phone 800-632-3379
Fax 518-692-9802

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Inc.
Moravian Falls, NC
Phone 1-800-BEESWAX
Fax 336-921-2681

Dadant and Sons, Inc.
Hamilton, IL
Phone 217-847-3324
Fax 217-847-3660

Graham's Bee Works
Danville Indiana

Mann Lake, Ltd.
Hackensack, MN
Phone 800-880-7694
Fax 218-675-6156

Rossman Apiaries, Inc.
Moultrie, GA
Phone 800-333-7677

The Walter T. Kelley Co.
Clarkson, KY
Phone 270-242-2012
Toll Free 800-233-2899
Fax 270-242-4801

Bastin Honey Bee Farm, LLC
5002 W Co Rd 450 S
Knightstown, IN 46148

Beekeeper Journals

American Bee Journal
Phone 217-847-3324
Fax 217-847-3660

Bee Culture
Phone 800-289-7668
Fax 330-725-5624

Sources of Books, Videos, and Slides

Wicwas Press
1620 Miller Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

People to contact about pests of bees

Kathleen Prough
State Apiary Inspector
420 W. Washington St
Indianapolis , IN 46204

Greg Hunt
Honey Bee Specialist
Dept. of Entomology
Purdue University
West Lafayette , IN 47907-1158


Honey Bee Sites

Beltsville Bee Lab

Apiculture Archive

National Honey Board

Eastern Apicultural Society

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