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OVEA 2010 Twenty-Third Annual Forum Results

A team of 5 students and 1 faculty member from the Department traveled to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the Twenty Third Annual Forum of the Ohio Valley Entomological Association (OVEA) on October 29th. Seventeen students from 4 different universities and one high school took part in the competition. Purdue gave 5 presentations and came home with 2 awards for current students, and 2 awards for alumni. A special thanks to Linda Mason who coordinates our participation in OVEA, and to all the advisors who encouraged their students to participate and helped them prepare and practice their presentations.

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The OVEA would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following organizations which made the 2010 OVEA Annual Forum possible:


We would like to thank all our judges and moderators for their generous time commitment and important contribution to our association.

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2010 Student Paper Competition Winners

Undergraduate Category

Undergraduate Winners
From left to right: Tyler Krause, James Baulding, Peter Martin

1st Place: Peter Martin from Goshen College.

2nd Place: Tyler Krause from Ohio State University.

3rd Place: James Baulding from University of Kentucky.

Masters Category

Masters Paper Winners
From left to right: Jonathan Larson, John Shorter, Gabriel Hughes, Nikki VanDerLaan

1st Place: Jonathan Larson from University of Kentucky presented a paper titled: Comparative impact of chlorantraniliprole (Acelepryn®) a novel anthranilic diamide, and other insecticides on beneficial invertebrates and their ecosystem services.

2nd Place: John Shorter from Purdue University presented a paper titled: A genetic analysis of guarding and stinging behaviors in the honey bee.

3rd Place (tie): Gabriel Hughes from Purdue University presented a paper titled: Use of volatile pheromone components as general lures to attract longhorned beetles (Coleoptera: Ceramybicidae).

Nikki VanDerLaan from Purdue University presented a paper titled: Influence of osmotic stress on the susceptibility of black cherry to colonization by the peach bark beetle, Phloeotribus liminaris (Harris).

Ph. D. Category

Ph.D. Paper Winners
From left to right: Nicholas Teets, Julie Peterson, Kevin Rice, Elijah Talamas

1st Place: Nicholas Teets from Ohio State University.

2nd Place: Julie Peterson from University of Kentucky.

3rd Place (tie): Kevin Rice from Ohio State University.

Elijah Talamas from Ohio State University.

Past Winners

To view the Past Winners click here.