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Identification & Biology
Trees Gypsy Moths Like
How Gypsy Moths Harm Trees
Where Gypsy Moths Are
Gypsy Moth Management
History of Gypsy Moths
Asian vs. European Gypsy Moth


The following web sites offer information for educators who wish to use the story of the Gypsy Moth in North America to teach students

The Minnesota DNR

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The following links offer Gypsy Moth information

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Invasive Species

Indiana's "Most Unwanted" Invasive Plant Pests

Michigan Department of Agriculture

U.S.D.A. Forest Service

Other Exotic Pests

Indiana Invasive Species Council

Emerald Ash Borer

Asian Longhorned Beetle - U.S. Forest Service

Asian Longhorned Beetle - Purdue

CERIS - The national source for maps and regulatory information.

Invasive Species - The national source for information on invasive species.

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