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Gypsy Moth Management for Homeowners

Clean Up Your Yard

Look for egg masses on recreational vehicles.
(Vince Burkle, Indiana IDNR)

Minimize the number of places where gypsy moths can hide egg masses by tidying up your yard.

Gypsy moth females seek out dark protected places in which to lay their eggs. They lay eggs on trees and shrubs, fences, outbuildings, houses, rock walls, the underside of lawn furniture and picnic tables, firewood, and playground equipment. Egg masses have also been found on recreational vehicles, trailers, or inside wheel wells of cars, or behind shutters on houses.

Gnome yard ornament with caterpillars.
(PA department of Conservation and Natural Reources
- Forestry Archive,

  • Cover your vehicles or keep them in a garage.
  • Place items such as lawn chairs, mowers, and children’s toys away when not in use.
  • Cover woodpiles during the summer and early fall when gypsy moth adults are active.
  • Remove all unnecessary debris from your yard such as piles of wood, building materials, and dead branches.

Picnic table covered with frass from caterpillars.
(John H. Ghent, USDA Forest Service,

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