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Gypsy Moth Management for Homeowners


Adult gypsy moth male and female.

Once gypsy moths have established in an area, it is impossible to completly eradicate them. Instead, homeowners should focus on keeping their vulnerable trees healthy so they will survive infestations and on keeping gypsy moth populations at management levels.

If you live in an area affected by gypsy moths, keep the following points in mind to boost your morale during the ongoing battle:
  • Gypsy moths do not kill trees in one season. It takes 2-3 consecutive years of over 50% defoliation to kill a healthy tree.
  • Healthy trees can withstand up to 30% defoliation for several years in a row with few ill effects.
  • There are many measures that homeowners can undertake both before and after the arrival of the gypsy moth to lessen its impact.
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