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Gypsy Moth Management for Homeowners

How Gypsy Moths Move

Don’t give gypsy moths a free ride to your home

Check recreation vehicles
for egg masses.
(Vince Burkle, Indiana IDNR)

Check truck or car undercarriage for egg masses.
(Vince Burkle, Indiana IDNR)

If you plan on travelling from an area quarantined for gypsy moths, check your vehicle, camper, or any object that has been outdoors for tan, hairy gypsy moth egg masses.  If found, remove and destroy the egg masses before leaving the area.

Don’t move firewood from areas quarantined for gypsy moths or other insects.  Buy all firewood near where you will burn it, and burn it completely.

Don’t move uninspected nursery stock or plants from quarantined areas.

If you find gypsy moths outside of a quarantined area, contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources toll-free at 1-866 NO EXOTIC (1-866-663-9684) or contact the Exotic Insects Education Coordinator at Purdue Entomology at (765) 494-0822. You can also contact your county’s Purdue Extension office.

Look for egg masses on
other outside areas.
(Vince Burkle, Indiana IDNR)

Plant a variety of trees...

Planting large groups of a single type of tree (a monoculture) is not a good idea; when one develops a probem, they all will. Plant a variety of trees. Consult your local nursery or your county Purdue Extension office for advice on choosing a tree that suits your site. Visit the "Landscape and Design" section of the Purdue Extension Publications web site for ideas.

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