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Compliance Agreement for Producers and Sellers of Hardwood Firewood of Any Type
eab infested food

EAB-infested firewood

(Troy Kimoto, CFIA)

The EAB quarantine prohibits the movement of both ash and all other hardwood firewood from quarantined areas. The reason all types of hardwood firewood are included in this regulation is that, after hardwood is split and stacked, it is difficult to separate ash firewood from other kinds. Firewood from conifer species is more easily recognized and is not regulated.

  • The compliance agreement allows persons and businesses to move regulated non-ash firewood to areas outside of quarantined areas. Ash firewood may be not moved out of quarantine boundaries under any circumstances.
  • During the course of business, all ash firewood must be placed in a separate pile, away from other hardwood firewood, or taken to an approved ash receiver site (landfill or marshalling yard).   
  • In addition, all ash firewood must be burned completely by April 1st of the year to prevent emergence of EAB adults when the weather becomes warmer.
  • Firewood shipped out of the state from a quarantined area requires additional treatment as prescribed by USDA APHIS PPQ. For more information, contact a USDA APHIS compliance officer (listed at the end of this section).
  • Regulating agencies can inspect regulated articles, monitor inspection procedures, and examine shipment, treatment, and related records at any time they wish. All records must be maintained for at least 36 months.

For a sample copy of a Compliance Agreement for Producers of Hardwood Firewood, click here (PDF).

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