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Yellow Floating Heart

Updated: April 19, 2007
Nymphoides peltata (Gmel.) Kuntze
Synonym(s): fringed waterlilly, yellow fringe, and water fringe
Yellow Floating Heart
D. Prins


Commodities Affected:



Yellow floating heart is a perennial, waterlilly-like plant that carpets the water surface with long-stalked heart-shaped leaves. These plants appear to be aggressive growers and sometimes "hitchhiker" plants such as hydrilla can also be introduced to our lakes when nursery or mail order species are planted. Once established, yellow floating heart may occur in dense patches, out-competing native species, and interfering with recreation.



Yellow floating heart has been found in three counties in Indiana: Marshall County (1945), by Kay Yatskievych in Jackson County (1986) and in Putnam County by TNC (2006).