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Summer Fruit Tortrix Moth

Adoxophyes orana (Fischer von Röslerstamm)
Summer tortrix fruit moth Summer tortrix fruit moth
So Vendeso 23.VII 1955 E. Johnson

The summer fruit tortrix moth feeds on a wide variety plants with a preference for Rosaceous plants especially apple, peaches, and pear. This moth is reported to feed and develop on more than 50 plant species in multiple families including fruits, forest trees, and ornamentals. See the A. orana mini risk assessment (document currently unavailable) for a full list of host plants.



The economic impact of the summer fruit tortrix moth is difficult to measure because it frequently occurs in mixed populations with other closely related species, and damage can result from the activity of secondary pests. The summer fruit tortrix moth is a leafroller, and immature forms will use foliage for shelter while feeding on fruit. Feeding directly on fruit can cause tremendous reductions in the quantity and quality of fruit. Crop losses from 10-50% have been attributed to this insect in fruit growing regions. External feeding may also enable the attack of secondary organisms which further damage the crop, and reduce shelf and storage life. The impact of the summer fruit tortrix moth on forest productivity has not been well studied. Establishment of the summer fruit tortrix moth in the U.S. could also adversely impact domestic and international trade.



The summer fruit tortix moth is not known to occur in Indiana.