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European Poplar Shoot Borer

Gypsonoma aceriana (Duponchel)
European Poplar Shoot Borer European Poplar Shoot Borer
E. LaGasa
Sk Vitaby 16.VII.1957 S. Torsterius

European poplar shoot borer is a notable pest of many poplar species, Populus spp. (Salacaaceae), as well as hybrids in plantations and nurseries in Europe. Acer (maple) and Ulmus (elm) have also been mentioned as food plants.


Commodities Affected:
Forestry and Natural Areas, Nursery, Ornamentals, and Turf



The high rank of the European poplar shoot borer among poplar pests in Europe, its widespread European distribution, and similarities in the poplar floras of Europe and North America suggest that this insect could become a significant pest in North America, according to a recent paper reporting this new pest in North America (Miller and LaGasa 2001).


The european poplar shoot borer is not known to occur in Indiana.