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Pine Shoot Beetle

Tomicus destruens (Wollaston)
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Pine shoot beetle attacks various species of pine, including Italian stone pine, Aleppo pine, Calabrian pine, maritime pine, and Canary Island pine.


Commodities Affected:
Forestry and Natural Areas, Nursery, Ornamentals, and Turf



Pine shoot beetle adults are capable of flying at least 2 km and are also subject to dispersal by air currents. Like the closely related Tomicus piniperda, the immature stages of pine shoot beetles are subject to transport via international trade in unprocessed pine logs or wood products containing bark strips. This insect has a high reproductive potential and pines, its potential hosts, have contiguous distributions in many parts of North America. Because of its cryptic nature and similarity in appearance to indigenous bark beetles, newly established populations could go undetected for long periods. In its natural range, pine shoot beetles are considered an important pest of pines and are capable of killing relatively vigorous trees during outbreaks. Maturation feeding can cause growth loss and reduce the market value of Christmas trees or landscape material because of unsightly dead shoots.



The pine shoot beetle is not known to occur in Indiana.