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Pine-Tree Lappet Moth

Dendrolimus pini (Linnaeus)
Pine-Tree Lappet Moth Pine-Tree Lappet Moth
Stanislaw Kinelski
St. Georgen/Reith, Kogelsbach



Pine tree lappet moth needs on the foliage of a number of conifers. The favorite host is Scotch pine. Other host trees include Swiss stone pine, Sitka spruce, Siberian larch, silver fir, Douglas-fir, and common juniper.


Commodities Affected:
Forestry and Natural Areas, Nursery, Ornamentals, and Turf



The pine tree lappet moth is a major defoliator of pines and other conifers over much of its natural range. Outbreaks can occur over large areas and last for 7-8 years. Defoliation can cause growth loss, dieback and tree mortality of conifers, many of which are of vital economic importance. Moreover, defoliated trees are susceptible to attacks by bark beetles and wood boring insects. Should this insect be capable of developing into outbreaks in North America, it could cause major ecological disruptions including extensive tree mortality, changes in species composition and increased fuel levels resulting in wildfires of increased severity.



The pine tree lappet moth is not known to occur in Indiana.